Whether you are building a home from your own plans or want to have one of Riverstone Builders preferred architects design your home for you, we would be glad to help. There are many issues to consider when starting the process of building a new home; and getting the design right and hiring the right builder are two of the most important. You may want to have your plans and specifications completely finished prior to getting bids. The advantage of this is that any builders that are bidding the project will know exactly what the scope of work is and you will have the best chance of receiving comparable numbers from them all. If you have completed designs, Riverstone Builders would be happy to provide a bid.

Other design approaches you may want to consider are:

First, you may want to consider a stock plan from an architect. This can be considerably less expensive than a custom design, but be careful. If the plan is not exactly the layout you want or it doesn’t fit your lot well and you are considering some “minor” changes, it could get very expensive. It also can be very time consuming to look through dozens, if not hundreds of plans. Sometimes it is cheaper in the end to have the home custom designed.

Second, it may be cheaper in the long run to have your home custom designed. This is the surest way to get the design and features you want in your home; and be assured that the design and size is best suited for your particular property.

A third method of getting your home designed would be to work with your builder and the architect simultaneously. The advantage of having your contractor involved during the design phase is that he can provide insight and value engineering in order to add as much value to your project as possible.

Whatever method you choose to employ, or at what stage of the process you are currently in, Riverstone Builders would be glad to assist you in your journey of building your dream home.