Need to hire a Contractor? Don’t panic.

I’m sure you have all heard horror stories from friends or acquaintances about the nightmare they experienced when they remodeled their home. Or, perhaps you have experienced it yourself. Does it have to be that way? How do you avoid hiring “that” contractor? Even though it can be a daunting task there are reputable contractors that truly do care about the quality of work they produce. At Riverstone Builders we focus on four concerns that all potential clients have.

  1. Can I trust this person in my home and around my family?
    Trust your instincts – you need to feel comfortable with them. Remember, you will be sharing your home with this person for the duration of the project. Ask for references, and call them. At Riverstone we work very hard to satisfy and impress our clients; we want you to call our references.
  2. Do they communicate and keep me informed?
    Do they listen to your needs and wants, or do they just assume they know what you want. There has to be constant communication throughout the project. The owner of Riverstone is on site to insure that the job is running smoothly and to address any concerns the client may have.
  3. Can they produce a quality project?
    All contractors think they do quality work; some even consider themselves to be the best. But in reality the only opinion that matters is yours. Ask the contractor’s references about the quality of work and if possible, go and see it.
  4. How long will the project take?
    At Riverstone we understand that construction is disruptive and we will complete the job as quickly as possible. We like working for our clients and we want them to enjoy the experience as much as possible. But we also know that if the project slows down and we stay there too long, it will put unnecessary stress on our clients.

Riverstone Builders is committed to providing quality work and superior customer service at a fair price. If you are in need of a contractor to remodel your home or build a custom home, give Riverstone Builders a call at (713) 826-2360. We look forward to hearing from you.